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Upgrade Your Home or Office with Our Electrical Services

Take great care of your home or business with maintenance and repair services from our electrical experts. Charger Electrical Services offers full-service electrical and HVAC maintenance, installation, replacement, and repair as well as standby generators for residential and commercial buildings and other locations. Contact us at (888) 799-8064 to tell our electrical experts about your needs today.

Electrical Services
Solve electrical problems in your home or office with electrical services from Charger Electrical Services. We specialize in electrical services for existing homes and buildings. Call us to install that new ceiling fan or outlet today.

Our Services Include:

• Electrical Rewiring or Repair
• Device Replacement/Installation

• Ceiling Fan Installation
• Recess Lighting Installation

Wiring, Electrical Services in Houma, LA

Panel Upgrades
Make sure your home or business is up to code with a service or panel upgrade from our electrical team. Service and Panel upgrades are generally considered when your existing equipment has an irreparable fault or when they are at maximum capacity due to age and years of adding additional wiring and appliances. Older homes with their outdated electrical systems were never designed for today's technology. With the addition of electronics such as Computers, Home Theaters, Entertainment Systems, Kitchen Appliances, Hybrid or Electric Vehicles, medical and mobility equipment, etc., you may have outgrown your home or business's electrical system without even knowing. These new ammenities represent a sustantial investment and a outdated or overloaded electrical system can cause them severe damage and cost you a great deal of money. Call Us for a FREE Electrical Evaluation Today at (888) 799-8064.

Why Choose Us?
The experts at Charger Electrical Services have more than 40 years of industry experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of our workmanship and the fact that our owner is always available to address your concerns.

Call Now at (888) 799-8064 to schedule electrical services for your home or office today.

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